Sunday, 18 November 2007

Two Cheltenham Restaurants Top 600 hits

Two Restaurants from Cheltenham have now topped the 600 mark. Users of the Quoakle Restaurant directory have now made over 628 visits to the website of Zizzi, the popular restaurant in Suffolk Square.
The website of the Speciality Restaurant in North Place, Storyteller, has received 620 visits from Quoakle users.

To visit these websites click on the link to the Restaurants in Gloucestershire page.

It's not surprising that Cheltenham Restaurants are getting a high level of internet traffic as easily the most popular keywords on our Google Adwords campaign are "Restaurants in Cheltenham". Look out for our other sponsored links. We are using literally thousands of keyword phrases in over 60 Ad groups and we are pleased to see that we are successfully directing users to useful Gloucestershire websites - quickly and easily.

Significant Development Meetings help to take Quoakle forward

During the last few weeks, a series of significant meetings have taken place focussing on different aspects of the development of Quoakle - the graphical directory.
The first meeting was held in Bristol with a Technical Consultant from the East of England. Further meetings are likely in the near future. Other meetings have been held in the Gloucester area. The first with a Business Consultant from Bristol, looking particularly at roles within the company and also looking at the financial structure. Also one of the Directors met with a Marketing and Sales Consultant from Leicestershire. A range of ideas were put forward in this meeting including some possible joint projects. It is anticipated that follow up workshops and seminars will take place early in 2008.
All in all there are some very promising developments in the pipeline!

Sunday, 11 November 2007

A big Welcome to Vets from across the county!

Quoakle is very pleased to welcome 5 new vets onto the Pets Graphical Directory: Lansdown Veterinary Services from Stroud, The Brambles Veterinary Surgery from Churchdown, Gloucester, Severnside Veterinary Group from Lydney, Stow Veterinary Surgeons from Stow-on-the-Wold and Simply Pets from Stroud and Gloucester.

Sunday, 28 October 2007

The Wharf House Restaurant tops 600 hits!

In the last few days The Wharf House Restaurant at Over, near Gloucester, has topped the 600 mark. Users of the Quoakle Restaurant directory have now made over 600 visits from Quoakle to the riverside restaurant's website. The three next most popular links are all to restaurants in Cheltenham: both Zizzi and Storyteller have been visited 575 times and Off the Square over 500 times.

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Quoakle on top of England!

On Monday 13th August, Quoakle team members Nigel, Tim and Ben Steele successfully climbed Scafell Pike, which at 3,210 feet is the highest mountain in England. The team are pictured sporting their Quoakle tee shirts after climbing to the summit. Marketing Director, Nigel, even managed to give away one of the Restaurant /Out and About promotional leaflets to some fellow climbers whilst at the top!

The climb up Scafell Pike, in the heart of the Lake District, was Stage One of their 4 day, Three Peaks Challenge. The Quoakle team also successfully climbed Ben Nevis (highest mountain in Scotland) on the Tuesday and Snowdon (highest mountain in Wales) on the Thursday.

Nigel, as the senior member of the party, was particularly pleased to have managed to climb all three peaks and is now working out what he wants to try next ... perhaps a run somewhere flatter!

Saturday, 6 October 2007

Quoakle First Anniversary

It is just a year ago this weekend that Quoakle - the graphical directory celebrated its Official Launch.
The main event of the day was the planting of hundreds of daffodil bulbs along the verges of the A40 running through Churcham, just west of Gloucester, which provided a wonderful display of bright yellow the following spring.

Community (the parent company) was very pleased to receive the generous support of two established Churcham businesses for the event - Fairview Nursery and Garden Shop and Greenfields Garden Services. The Official launch of this innovative new internet directory was well covered by local media - a radio interview for Severn Sound and articles in the Citizen and Forester.

One year on and Quoakle has seen a number of major developments. Probably the most significant have been:
the launch of Restaurants in Gloucestershire in November 2006
the launch of the Out and About, Pets and Weddings directories
in the first part of 2007.

Today sees another major development... as the Motoring in Gloucestershire webpage goes live on the web. The Quoakle team is very pleased to welcome Academy Driver Training from Cheltenham as the first business on this new site.
Watch how this topic develops over the next few weeks as Quoakle continues to connect more local people to more local businesses quickly and easily.

...and keep an eye on Quoakle News to find out what's coming next!

Saturday, 29 September 2007

Why Quoakle?

You are probably wondering why the name Quoakle?
In September 2006 when the first part of the directory was launched we were using the name Gardening Pixels and were going to follow up with Restaurant Pixels. On the advice of our intellectual property solicitor we started looking for a unique brand name. There were some pretty unusual ideas from Orange custard to Blue pipes to Yoakle...Stoakle...Zoakle. If you live in Gloucestershire you might spot the connection with Oakle Street, a small hamlet west of Gloucester.
It was Nigel's sister that came up with the final name we settled on ... QUOAKLE, and the rest is history!

Welcome to the Restaurants Graphical Directory

Quoakle is pleased to welcome The Daffodil Restaurant in Cheltenham to the Restaurants Graphical Directory.

Sunday, 23 September 2007

Quoakle Goes Public

It was a year ago this weekend that our team of young Quoaklites (friends of Quoakle) hit the Malvern Autumn Show. Travelling up from Gloucester and all wearing tee shirts sporting the brand new Quoakle logo, the group carried the official banner and received good attention from some of the thousands of visitors to the show.Posted by Picasa

Saturday, 22 September 2007

Quoakle Cards - the online business card

Quoakle cards allow the simple creation of a web page giving your business access to the benefits of an online presence without the difficulties and expense that are associated with web design.

Rather than expecting you to be a designer - giving choices of colour and layout - Quoakle cards automatically structure your information into a standard format that is both functional and attractive.

These 'online business cards' allow you to have a unique address for your page providing one of the most cost-effective web solutions on the market. A Quoakle card costs just £25 (inc VAT). This price is a one-off payment in accordance with our terms and conditions.

Creating a Quoakle card could not be easier. For more information follow the link to the Quoaklecards website.

Friday, 21 September 2007

Quoakle beginnings

Nigel and Mark sitting in front of the computer at Beauchamp House, Churcham, where the inspiration first came for Quoakle in mid-August 2006.
The graphical directory started with the idea that an imaged-based presentation of information- organised simply on one screen page - could be a new and exciting way of searching for information by connecting quickly and easily with a large number of websites through one click of the mouse.
The initial ideas were developed around the setting up of a gardening directory providing links to a wide range of gardening businesses in one county Gloucestershire. Very quickly it was realised that these ideas could be developed across a diverse selection of topics such as restaurants, pets, weddings etc. and also county by county. And so the graphical directory was born!
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