Sunday, 5 October 2014

New website for RE Specialist, Roy Pitcher

Our latest project is for the widely experienced educator, Roy Pitcher. Roy is based in Alsager, the town where our director, Nigel, was brought up. Roy has been a school teacher, educator and trainer of teachers, author, consultant, inspector of schools and educational video producer over two generations at virtually all levels in the U.K. 

As a Christian teacher of religious education and pupils with special needs, he was concerned to find a basis for enhancing pupil attainment through multi-method approaches. When he became a teacher trainer he developed the concepts and practices that he describes in his new book "Jesus - a Master Teacher". Roy was soon to be launching his new book at the Christian Resources Exhibition in Manchester in October 2014, when he approached Nigel about helping him with a website.

Most of the content we were able to copy across from another site and place within the Quoakle "Mega Template" that Quoakle Web developer and designer, Stephen Holdstock, has created this year. New graphics were created and pages added such as useful links and a facility to help users purchase the book. Some of the content was re-organised to aid the user experience. 

The new website works well on all devices though is not responsive in the simplistic way that many sites now are. The JaMT website maintains the same website structure across all devices. 

To find out more about Roy Pitcher, please follow this link to Jesus - a Master Teacher.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Quoakle Websites Get A New Look

The Quoakle Team have been busy with all sorts of different projects for clients over the last few months and so have had little time for working on our own sites. However, last week Stephen began the upgrading process for a number of our own website templates.

First to receive the treatment was Community Pixels, a site that illustrates the breadth of our work, from Quoakle - the original graphical directory to Quoaklecards - the highly optimised one page website, and from Quoakle's Restaurant Directories to Churcham Website Design - the website that is a focus for our local, Gloucestershire clients.

The Community Pixels website now has a new deeper rotating banner on the home page (not shown). It also has an extending header and attractive mega footer with room for lots of important links. Quoakle's design team have gone for a smart grey for the mega footer with a bright, contemporary, light blue for the writing on the footer. As with all WordPress sites there are lots of options for sidebar or no sidebar and the use of widgets in various positions.

Next to receive a makeover was the actual Churcham Website Design website. Since 2008, Nigel and his small team have been developing websites for a number of clients in the village of Churcham as well as for clients in other parts of Gloucestershire. The Churcham Website Design site was launched to provide a local focus for the affordable and adaptable web solutions we are creating for local clients and local businesses of various sizes.

Stephen has now put this website into the same template as Community Pixels to give it a common look and feel. The mega footer and header use the same subtle and smart greys used on the new Community Pixels website. The overall look of these websites is now similar to Quoakle's Restaurant Directories, such as Swindon Restaurants and Hereford Restaurants and our popular UK Days Out directory - Great Days Out.

 Next is Quoaklecards ... still waiting for the upgrade.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Another Quoakle milestone ... half a million pageviews!

Quoakle's graphical directory has reached another great milestone ...  half a million pageviews!

Information taken from Google Analytics on Wednesday 9th April 2014 reveals that there have now been 583,436 pageviews since July 2007. Those visits were made by over 239,757 unique visitors to the directory!

Over 87.02% of visits to the directory were made by visitors who hadn't been on Quoakle before.

So lots of reasons to be encouraged by the progress that's been made especially considering the decision of the directors not to continue actively promoting the directory last Autumn and the related fall in visitors to Quoakle since September 2013. During this spring, however, visits are again rising without any money being spent on advertising the graphical directory. The latest figures from Alexa show Quoakle having its highest ever Alexa position as one of the top 2 million websites in the world at 1,761,851.

The Quoakle team looks ahead to the next six months with excitement and anticipation.

If you haven't been on Quoakle - the graphical directory yet, try it today, tell your friends and join the Quoakle-ution!