Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Quoakle goes Social!

When we talk about social media most people think of Facebook and Twitter but there are many more social media platforms out there. Perhaps the best known are Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google +.

There are obviously much better things in life to be spending a lot of time on than social networks, but if you are going to follow anyone, we'd be really chuffed if Quoakle was on your list!

Quoakle has now made it easy to find our social media accounts by displaying the colourful "social" icons on every single page of the website ... Quoakle.com .

Apparently, Google, when producing its listings, looks at "social signals". So as we would love for more people to find Quoakle's innovative graphical directory through Google, we need some social signals!
If you can follow any of our Quoakle's accounts we'd be really grateful. Just click the social icon of your choice from the bottom of any page on the Graphical Directory.
For those of our "fans" who really want to help, why not ...
  • Send a Facebook status update with a link to a page on the Quoakle website
  • Send a Tweet with a link to a page on the Quoakle website
  • Pin a page on the Quoakle website on one of your Pinterest boards.

Thanks for all your help, but most importantly, don't forget to get away from your computer, tablet or phone for a few minutes and enjoy some beautiful fresh air and fun with real people in the great outdoors!

Sunday, 16 June 2013

10,000 search results for Quoakle on Google!

At the beginning of August 2006, no-one had heard of Quoakle... that's because the word didn't exist!  

If you put the word "quoakle" into Google's search box absolutely nothing came up.  Nearly seven years later there are over 10,000 links to different pages on the web that make reference to the innovative online graphical directory. As you would expect, the No.1 entry for "quoakle" on Google's top page takes you to the UK web directory itself, to the home page of quoakle.com.