Sunday, 18 November 2007

Two Cheltenham Restaurants Top 600 hits

Two Restaurants from Cheltenham have now topped the 600 mark. Users of the Quoakle Restaurant directory have now made over 628 visits to the website of Zizzi, the popular restaurant in Suffolk Square.
The website of the Speciality Restaurant in North Place, Storyteller, has received 620 visits from Quoakle users.

To visit these websites click on the link to the Restaurants in Gloucestershire page.

It's not surprising that Cheltenham Restaurants are getting a high level of internet traffic as easily the most popular keywords on our Google Adwords campaign are "Restaurants in Cheltenham". Look out for our other sponsored links. We are using literally thousands of keyword phrases in over 60 Ad groups and we are pleased to see that we are successfully directing users to useful Gloucestershire websites - quickly and easily.

Significant Development Meetings help to take Quoakle forward

During the last few weeks, a series of significant meetings have taken place focussing on different aspects of the development of Quoakle - the graphical directory.
The first meeting was held in Bristol with a Technical Consultant from the East of England. Further meetings are likely in the near future. Other meetings have been held in the Gloucester area. The first with a Business Consultant from Bristol, looking particularly at roles within the company and also looking at the financial structure. Also one of the Directors met with a Marketing and Sales Consultant from Leicestershire. A range of ideas were put forward in this meeting including some possible joint projects. It is anticipated that follow up workshops and seminars will take place early in 2008.
All in all there are some very promising developments in the pipeline!

Sunday, 11 November 2007

A big Welcome to Vets from across the county!

Quoakle is very pleased to welcome 5 new vets onto the Pets Graphical Directory: Lansdown Veterinary Services from Stroud, The Brambles Veterinary Surgery from Churchdown, Gloucester, Severnside Veterinary Group from Lydney, Stow Veterinary Surgeons from Stow-on-the-Wold and Simply Pets from Stroud and Gloucester.